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Athamma Kitchen: Reviving Culinary Traditions with Surya Konidela


On Surya Konidela’s birthday, the context of starting ‘Athamma Kitchen’ has been initiated by Konidela family traditions. They are redefining the rituals of the Athakodallu household. Athamma (paternal grandmother) is indulging everyone in the practice of relishing Athamma’s traditional recipes, making Athamma Kitchen a food business with a focus on passing on the culinary legacy to everyone. Surya Konidela, born on this day, initiated the process by starting… In essence, they broke the traditional bonds of Athakodallu and shared mutual respect and cooperation.

Chiranjeevi, despite his busy schedules, enjoys a variety of cuisines prepared by Surya Konidela. Surya Konidela, known for her culinary expertise, is providing a range of delicious meals. She started “Athamma Kitchen” with the goal of sharing her culinary creations with everyone. Particularly reaching out to those far from home, the feeling of missing out on home-cooked meals is eliminated by offering products from “Athamma Kitchen.”

Utilizing her organizational skills, Surya Konidela plays a crucial role in shaping this venture. The bond she shares with Athamma, the respect for traditions, and even the love are evident. As a symbol of tradition and love, “Athamma Kitchen” aims to bring back the essence of home-cooked meals for those away from home.

In the corporate world of family bonds and traditions, Athamma’s efforts to preserve family ties and traditions are reflected in the products of “Athamma Kitchen.” Surya Konidela started this venture on her birthday. She invites everyone to experience these unique meals and welcomes them to relish a taste of home-cooked food.

About Athamma Kitchen:

Surya Konidela started Athamma Kitchen on her birthday. As the leader of Athamma Kitchen products, the traditional recipes of the Konidela family are uniquely presented. This venture aims to provide guidance for their special recipes. The goal is to transform the food they enjoy at home into their favorite names. The focus is on offering their favorite dishes to those who desire to eat what they love. Links for these products can be found below:

Website: www.athammaskitchen.com

WhatsApp: http://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919866589955&text=Hi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/athammaskitchen

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/athammaskitchen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Athammas-Kitchen


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