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Dhanush Directs and Stars in His 50th Film ‘Raayan,’ A Unique Take on Chefs with a Mysterious Twist


Dhanush, a very talented actor, is directing his 50th movie and also acting in it. This is his second time directing. He’s working alongside Sundeep Kishan in the movie, with Sun Pictures funding the project called #D50. Kalidas Jayaram is also playing a main role. The movie, which will be in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, is named Raayan.

They just showed the first picture from Raayan. It has Dhanush, Sundeep Kishan, and Kalidas Jayaram wearing aprons and looking like chefs, but there’s a twist. Dhanush is in front of a food truck, Sundeep is inside it, and Kalidas is sitting on top. They all have cooking tools like skewers and knives, and there’s blood on Dhanush’s apron. It looks like they are chefs, but the picture makes you think they might be doing more than just cooking.

Dhanush has a short haircut and a big mustache. Sundeep Kishan and Jayaram have tough looks. This first picture makes people really want to know more about the movie.

Other big actors like SJ Surya, Selvaraghavan, Aparna Balamurali, and Dhushara Vijayan are in the movie too. It’s going to be a well-made movie with great music by AR Rahman, cinematography by Om Prakash, editing by Prasanna GK, production design by Jacki, and action scenes by Peter Hein.

The movie is coming out this year, as the makers have said.


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