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Bhairavakona: A Supernatural Fantasy Adventure with Sundeep Kishan


The movie “Bhairavakona,” directed by VI Anand and starring young and talented Sundeep Kishan, is a supernatural fantasy entertainer that promises a great theatrical experience. According to director VI Anand, the film is set to delight audiences of all ages, including youth and families, with its engaging storyline and visual spectacle. Kavya Thapar and Varsha Bollamma play the female leads in this ambitious project, produced by Rajesh Danda on a lavish scale under the banner of Hasya Movies, and proudly presented by Anil Sunkara under AK Entertainments. Co-produced by Balaji Gutta, the film has already created significant buzz with its promotional content and is set to release worldwide on February 16. During a press meet, director VI Anand shared insights about “Bhairavakona,” highlighting its unique story, visual and sound experience, and the excitement around the project. The film marks a departure from Sundeep Kishan’s previous roles, offering him and the audience a novel supernatural fantasy adventure.

The project began after VI Anand and Sundeep Kishan, eager to collaborate post their “Tiger” movie, decided on “Bhairavakona” from two potential ideas, drawn by its fresh and trend-setting potential. Anand was particularly intrigued by the film’s supernatural fantasy genre, which he believed would offer audiences a distinct visual and sound experience on the big screen. Despite being new to Hasya Movies’ production, producer Rajesh Danda was excited about the project, and with the involvement of Anil Sunkara, the journey of making “Bhairavakona” began with high expectations for commercial success. The movie promises to be an engaging cinematic experience with elements of karma theory and mythological references, aiming to set a trend in its genre. Anand expressed his interest in life and death philosophies, drawing inspiration from the Garuda Puranam’s depiction of the soul’s journey post-death, which adds a layer of intrigue to the film’s storyline.

Director VI Anand also touched on the challenges and pressures of commercial success in cinema, emphasizing the importance of meeting audience expectations with quality content and visual experience. He expressed satisfaction with the film’s grand production scale, made possible by the unwavering support of Anil Sunkara and Rajesh Danda, ensuring no compromise on the quality of visuals and storytelling. The film, with its blend of humor, entertainment, and supernatural fantasy elements, is set to be a unique addition to Sundeep Kishan’s filmography and a memorable experience for audiences worldwide.


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