Bhothadham Bhaskar Narayan’s ‘Shiv Trap Trans’ Song Emerges as the First AI-Generated Lyrics Video in Indian Cinema

    Shiv Trap Trans

    Shiv Kandukuri starring in the lead role, “Unique Crime Thriller” Bhutadham with Bhaskar Narayan has garnered immense attention with its remarkable promotional content created by Huge Buzz. Directed by Purushottam Raj, the film produced by Snehal, Shashidhar, and Kartik promises a distinctive concept. The teaser and trailer, released with gripping elements, have captivated audiences’ curiosity.

    The film’s music by newcomer composer Sri Charan Pakala has already gone viral, especially the title song. Released on March 1, “Shiv Trap Trans” from this film stands out. The song was launched by Oscar-winning M.M. Keeravani. The composition by Sri Charan has created goosebumps, and Chaitanya Prasad’s lyrics are exceptional. Sung with single Kalabhairava’s high energy, the song truly transcends listeners into a trance. The visual lyric visuals were created using AI Chat GPT, making it the first AI-generated lyrical video in Indian cinema. Hero Suhas, the chief guest at the song launch event, made it grand. Director Vijay Kanakamedala and actress Varsha Bollam attended as special guests.

    Speaking at the song launch event, Hero Suhas mentioned his excitement. Producers Snehal, Shashidhar, and Kartik were applauded by director Purushottam Raj. The production values are remarkable. Before this, I worked with Shiv in “Manu Charitra,” where I got to know him closely. He is as good a person as he is an actor. His performance in “Prasannavadanam” was noteworthy. Chaitanya Prasad’s lyrics are inspiring, and Sri Charan’s music is fantastic. Bhutadham Bhaskar Narayan will hit theaters on March 1, and everyone should watch it without fail.

    Hero Shiv Kandukuri said, “‘Shiv Trap Trans’ is my favorite from this album. It’s an intense track in the movie, and the visuals are enthralling. Sri Charan’s tune is exceptional. This type of track is new in Indian cinema. I attended the event as a guest and extend my thanks to Vijay and Varsha for gracing the occasion.”

    Director Purushottam Raj added, “The intensity in the song ‘Shiv Trap Trans’ is remarkable. Sri Charan and Chaitanya Prasad did an outstanding job. Our villain’s character has been portrayed intensely, and everyone seems to enjoy the film’s content. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.”

    Producer Snehal, Shashidhar, and Kartik said, “Suhas has been our family friend. We are delighted with the response to the trailer. If the song and trailer received such great responses, the movie is sure to be loved by all. It will hit theaters on March 1, and we expect everyone to enjoy it.”

    Director Purushottam Raj remarked, “The song is a great attraction, and Sri Charan and Chaitanya Prasad have done a fantastic job. Our villain’s character is intriguing, and the producers spared no expense. People won’t be disappointed when they watch the movie.”

    Actress Rashi Singh mentioned, “The trailer has received fantastic feedback, and M.M. Keeravani’s release of the song is a blessing. I am happy to be associated with it. Such moments are delightful. The song is wonderful, and the energy in the event was contagious. I extend my gratitude to everyone. Let’s hope the film is as loved as the song and trailer. It’s coming to theaters on March 1, and everyone should watch it.”


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